Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Getting close...

Yesterday one friend of mine got her baby 3 weeks before her due date. WOW. It made me think that our little girl can be at home with us sooner than I think. Husband says that she won't, that if she is just like her mama, she'll be a lazy litte girl who will only wake up at last minute.

The point I wanna get is that it is very close. Only a few days more than 7 weeks. 7 weeks!!!!!
And to think that when I realised I was pregnant I had to keep secret for 12 weeks and it just looked like eternity to me. 12 loooooooong weeks keeping the secret out from everyone. It was hard.

And now things changed so much, I'm big, the belly is the first thing people notice about me. Baby girl has a name, and a room for her, so many things, more clothes than her mama. She's already our number one priority, everything we do and plan is for her.

I can't even imagine how it might feel to finally see her, squeeze her feet on my hands, kiss her head, see her opening her eyes and feeding her with my own body. It's truly amazing.

Hey baby girl, it's Mama here. Look, we are crazy about meeting you. Your mama and daddy already love you very much. If you think it's funny to arrive at New Year's Eve, so do it. There are gonna be fireworks in the sky to celebrate your arrival, sweet pea.

Victoria Park, London. 32 weeks.

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