Monday, November 5, 2012


Everything is pink when we are talking about baby girls. All the gifts you receive, the toys, the dresses. It's like a pink dictatorship.
At the beginning, when planning her nursery, I was trying very hard to avoid pink. I just thought it was way too normal. Also because you have to be really careful with pink shades, there are a few shades of pink that are just sickening!
So, I was tending to go to yellow all the way. But it was after planning her baby shower that I realized that yellow and pink go really well together. Not any pink, but one particular shade of pink that I love.
And that became a little obsession to me. Pink and Yellow obsession.

And that's what I've just found on etsy:
They are going to look heavenly with the yellow cot bumber and changing mat from Färg & Form that I already got:
They are both quite expensive so it's more like a treat. Even more because not even one of them are on my essentials item's list. Let's see... Does the fact that it's my birthday next week a reason good enough to commit such a crazy act?

Oh well... dreams, dreams, never ending dreams.

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