Wednesday, November 14, 2012

And her name is...

Only 6 and a half weeks to go and things are getting pretty real around here.

It's almost there. Baby is getting big, and life is getting more uncomfortable.

I had the best pregnancy I could ever imagine (so far), being super active, full of energy, I didn't get nauseous at all. But now, at this very end, I'm a mess. Super tired, baby is pushing my belly so hard that hurts, constantly peeing, difficulty to sleep. wow, the list is getting bigger.

Well, I believe is only normal, as there is less space for her inside my uterus. Of course, the lack of comfort is proportional to the anxiety now. Look, I'm super calm, but can't deny I'm getting a bit anxious for her to arrive.

I was putting all my focus on arranging her nursery room, buying her stuff, but right now things are kind of done and all I need to do is wait. (LIE: I still need to pack the hospital bag!!!!!)

I finally finished the door sign I was doing for her. When I first got pregnant I had a dream that I was going to do all by myself, sew the cot bumper, cushions, everything! But - of course - I didn't. Although, I'm glad I made her two little but very important things: her door sign and an illustration we still need to frame.

Both items contain something that I believe was the most difficult decision of my life: finding her a name. Naming a child can be so tough!!! But we got to an agreement and, really, I can't imagine her having any other name right now. It's SO her!

Are you curious? Here it is!

Clara is a latin name, and in portuguese means clear, bright, luminous. I know she will have a bit of a problem with her name if we keep living in English speaking countries but she'll be alright!

She will be happy we are passing to her a bit of our brazilianity and will feel special.

Be welcome, Clara! Your home is ready for you.

The picture frame I'll post later when it's on the wall :)

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