Monday, July 2, 2012

Big News

Hello everyone,

I'm so sorry for neglecting the blog like I did. I hope the reason is good enough for you to forgive me:

I didn't want to tell you guys before I completed 12 weeks, so I decided it was easier to stay away from the blog, otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep the secret.

I'm entering the 15th week now. I already have a small bump, witch I am sooo proud.
I'm feeling super good. No morning sickness, no side effects. Just suuuuuper tired, but that gives a good excuse for extra naps during the day.

Husband and I are thrilled, over excited with the news. We already love our little one like crazy!
We will only know if it's a boy or girl on week 20, so for now on we call him/her Mini, like a mini version of us.

I imagine him a boy, blond like husband, with cute blue eyes. Husband imagines a little girl, with black straight hair and little black eyes, so we will be happy with any :)

Another good news are that we finally have internet at home! Yeeeeeeeey! I'm full time conected again so, I promisse our posts will be much more frequent. I will fill you up with baby news, maternity wear, photos and ideas for the nursery.

Can't wait for this new journey to begin :)

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