Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mama be nuts

I couldn't sleep well last night. I was the whole night designing in my head how it's gonna look the baby's nursery room. Call me crazy but I can get very overwhelmed with those kind of stuff sometimes.
How to cope with the wish of a perfect nursery and a tight budget?
What is truly important to buy and what is not?

I've started looking for ideas online and I have to say there are lots of gorgeous things on the web and I just start panicking with fear of not being able to make it that pretty.

We rent our house and here in the UK landlords can be a bit tough. Will I be able to hang things on the ceiling or put shelves on the wall? Is there a need for a sofa bed in the nursery?

Oh dear, my head was flipping around with possible positions for the cot, and color schemes, and the will of sewing it all by myself, cushions, curtains, blankets. **sigh**

How do you people do it???

I was so overwhelmed this morning that I came up with an amaaaaaazing idea. A new series on the blog, to stir things up again (this blog's been so dull lately!).
It's gonna call: Mum Like You. A new series of interviews with women who had inspired me to start this new journey as a mum-to-be. Beautiful, intelligent and talented women who have to split themselves in half everyday between being a good mother and a professional, or a wife, or a housekeeper. How this amazing super mum do it? What are their secrets?

I thought this would be a good way to help new mums-to-be (like me) to be less nervous with what comes next, less anxious with the future.

I'm sending today the questions to a couple of girls I know who I truly admire. Let's hope they answer and maybe soon we will have lots of good advices to share.

For now, I leave you guys with gorgeous nursery rooms I've found online:


  1. Oi Helena,
    parabéns pelo bebê!
    Ai, sei bem como é isso de tentar ter o quartinho perfeito, principalmente se vc eh uma menina prendada... :)
    Conhece o trabalho da Concha, do "Saidos da Concha"? Ela eh uma portuguesa que assim como vc mora na inglaterra e faz coisas maravilhosas! Teve um menininho no inicio do ano e vem dividindo conosco, leitores do seu blog, um pouco da preparacao e do seu dia a dia como mamae.

  2. Oi Helena Querida
    Imagino sua ansiedade sendo a "menina prendada"que voce e.
    Vai gastando sua ansiedade por ai, nos preparativos, para reduzir a da espera em conhecer a figurinha que esta a caminho.
    Eu colei armarios, pintei paredes na espera da Andrea.Nos outros menos.
    Bom trabalho e muitas felicidades.
    Tia Avo, ja coruja.
    Mil beijinhos

  3. Helena!!! Eu estou TÃO feliz com vocês!! Saudadona!