Thursday, May 31, 2012

Be kind!


Today I was thinking about what blogging means to me. As many internet maniacs, I do read tons of blogs per day. Most all of them are from girls, around my age, moms, creative minds, who love arts, beautiful houses, kids and life.
You can find the links on the right bar of this page and you might see how they are all vey positive about things, and live their lives with a great atitude. They were the reason why I decided to start blogging.

Sometimes I'm amazed by how much they share about their personal lives online. Kids pictures, home pictures, feelings, family problems, parenting choices. And then, I realize how brave they are, because you need to have lots of courage to open your life and hear on the internet. I have only 8 followers and mainly they are all my friends so I never hear hard words here. But These girls, they have hundreds sometimes thousands of views per day and people are sometimes so mean, I don't understand.

People judge and judge, they are not scared of saying online that someone else is doing it wrong or being stupid. I can't believe how full of themselves people can get when they are anonymous. And I feel for these girls, like, I feel really sorry that they have to hear from some sort of idiot that they are raising their kids wrongly or something very strong like that.

It was not once that I've heard them commenting about hard comments on their posts, you can feel that they are hurt, and I can only applaud them for being so brave.

I don't know if I could. It's a thin line between being personal and way too personal on the virtual world, and sometimes we cross the line and say too much about ourselves.

For example, I have tons of good news this last month and sometimes I prefer to keep away from the blog so I don't tell too much. But at the same time, this is what this blog is for, isn't it? To keep friends updated about my life in the UK.

Anyway, as I said on my previous post, this blog will be a bit quiet for a while, till I stop working on this big project and have internet at home. But very soon, friends, very soon we will be back at full speed.

For now, let's think about being kind with people even when we don't agree with their lifestyles, let's respect and let the others be.

Lots of love,

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