Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Did you know that....

Another birthday is coming... Oh, my! 32! Oops, what did I have in mind to just say that number out loud?
Gosh, 32! Doesn't it sound horribly grown up to you? It arrived a time where people just say: "she's on her thirties", it doesn't matter if you are 32 or 39.

So, next time you are seen drunk having a great time at a party, you will be the target of judgemental looks: "Isn't she on her thirties?" Or when you put a skirt, blue tights and a shiny silver pair of sneakers (today's outfit) you can imagine people thinking on the tube: "How old does she think she is? 29?)
It's the girls worst nightmare, you just nearly 40 now. For God's sake!

And I don't know about you, but here there are no Nobel Prizes, no Oscars or Emmy Awards. The only title I've got so far was lambada best dancer, at age of 10. Good old times!

Well, at least I'll celebrate the date in big style this year. It's gonna be Paris, baby! The good thing about being on your thirties is that you can stop pretending you love to camp and eat tin tuna on bread. There's the only time that feels good to say: "I'm not a student anymore!"

Husband has booked 3 nice restaurants for a 3 days celebration feast! And I still want to go to some wine bars and bakeries. Oh, I don't think I'll have time to do anything else, just eat and drink! (Again, so good to be on your thirties!)

I wish you all a very good end of week. I probably will not be around till Monday, so talk to you people later!

Au revoir! See you in Paris!

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