Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Dream

I've always been in love in my life, but now it's different.
I've felt my heart beating fast lots of times, but now it does in the rhythm of a good song.
I've had hundreds of butterflies on my stomach before, but now it feels just right.

I'm happy because I know what love means, and it means that you and me are stuck together forever, my dear. We will be mr. and mrs. till our hearts stop beating age of 105 as we've already agreed.

You make me smile with your smile, and make me laugh with your sarcastic jokes, and make me cry with your lovely words written in a piece of paper, in Paris.

I love you forever, but love you a bit more today, and maybe a bit more tomorrow.

I love you for all you are and all you try to be, and all the effort you do to become better.
I wish I could freeze this feeling and save them for rainy days.

Thank you my love for the amazing 4 days in Paris, thank you very much.

I was going to write about my birthday trip in Paris but I've got in the mood of writing about him instead.

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