Monday, November 7, 2011

Away From Home: Interview with Clarice Ramalho

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Remember last week when I said that I've got no more answers from the girls for the interviews? Well, apparently they felt sorry for me and I've got more replies! yeeeey!

Today, I present you Clarice. She might be tiny, but this girl has a huge personality! She is amazingly sweet, extremely cute, super intelligent, funny and has a delicious sense of humor. No need to say that I love her veeeeeeeery much.

Together with her husband, she lives in Clermont Ferrant, a small town in France. And despite of all the love for the local cuisine, they are having a hard time out there. I really understand what they might be feeling - I felt the same myself on my time in Finland - sometimes you just don't connect to the place.

Well, let's wish the best for this lovely couple and hope they find their way very soon to somewhere they like.

Clarice Ramalho
Brazilian (and Italian, but actually I’ve never lived there)
City and Country where do you live now?
Clermont-Ferrand, France
Do you have kids?
Not yet, but I do have a husband who wants lots of them ;)
Tourist? (Seriously, I don’t know the specific word in English: I have a bachelor and a master’s degree in Tourism)
Do you work? Study?
I work in the marketing department of the Auvergne Regional Tourist Board. In a few words, I promote the region for international tour operators and travel agents.
 Do you do any extra activity (gym, yoga, crafts)?
YES! I’ve joined a fitness club dedicated to women (like Curves, you know?). And it’s already been 2 months! Only 2 more months to go and I’ll break my record of regular physical activities. How cool is that? ;)
Why have you moved away from Brazil?
Actually I’ve always wanted to live abroad. But the “official” version is that I came to do a master’s in Sustainable Tourism in London and Tours (it was a partnership between an English university and a French business school). It finished in 2010, but we decided to stay. Now, it’s my husband who is doing a master’s in language and cultural studies. That’s how we end up in Clermont-Ferrand.
Do you feel part of the local culture?
When I lived in London, yes, but perhaps because “local culture” there has quite a flexible meaning. In France, no. I definitely admire its culture and way of life, but after 2 years here I realise it’s not enough to make you feel a part of it.
Have you ever wanted to go running back home? Why?
Yes, twice. And I did. When someone I loved very much got really sick, and then when he passed away...
What does make you want to stay?
I don’t plan on staying right here in this city, but I do want to stay in Europe. It’s quite hard to explain, there isn’t a “concrete” answer... The violence in Rio plays a big role, of course, but I think my personality doesn’t really match the life there. I don’t think one country is “better” or “worse” than the other, they’re just different. (I know it’s an obvious statement, but sometimes I get the feeling that people don’t realise it.)
If you could choose a favourite place in the city you're now, where should it be?
Les Berthom, a rock pub in the centre of Clermont.
Is your life abroad very different from what it was back in Brazil?
Yes, quite different. Services here are very expensive, so you have to do everything by yourself, from cleaning the house to replacing the shower, or carrying and assembling a 40-kg wardrobe. Also, our family and most of our friends are in Brazil, so our social life is just a tiny little bit less active...
What would make you return home?
Wanting to return home.
Where do you feel more beautiful? In Brazil or abroad?
Well, I never actually thought about it... I don’t know, I guess it depends on my state of mind, not on where I am. But I do love that people here don’t keep telling me: “oh, you are so white!”. The tan culture in Rio drives me insane!

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