Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspiration: Donna Wilson

Today I'd like to show you one of my number one inspirations: Donna Wilson!

This girl rocks! She is such an inspiration not only because of her lovely cushions, ceramics, patterns and illustration but also because just like me and lots of girls, she had a dream - making beautiful things with her own hands - and she made her dream come true and today she sells her work in all major shops in the UK and all over the world!!!

And is there a cuter dream than this?


Donna Wilson set up her company in 2003 after making odd knitted creatures for her final show at the Royal College of art. The creatures sold out and since then she has built her business designing and making a collection of curious cushions, luxurious lambswool blankets, and variety of products for you and your home. 

Originally from Scotland, Donna runs a studio and workshop in London. Her hardworking team knit, sew, pack and send out products to individuals and design shops around the world - 25 countries at our last count!

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  1. I so love Donna Wilson's work as well! It's such a cute dream!