Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weekend's Fun: Boat trip

I've finally got the pictures from Silvia's birthday boat trip we went on a few weeks ago. We spent 5 hours, on the Regents Canal, from Angel to Little Venice. The boat accommodates 12 persons maximum, and you can bring food and drinks. I made THE best cake I've ever baked, it was a vanilla sponge with strawberries and cream, YUMMY!

It was such a lovely autumn day, sunny but chilled. The canal is so beautiful and so alive, full of families and friends walking, cycling, chatting in the caf├ęs on the sidewalk. Every now and then you cross with another boat - a big part of them are proper homes and you can see someone making tea for breakfast or reading the newspaper - or hired ones like ours.

Here there are a few snapshots from my LCA camera:

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