Thursday, September 15, 2011

Midweek Escapes

Every Wednesday (or Thursday) I will talk about a trip we've made earlier this year.
The good thing about being in London (one of many) is to be able to travel around so easily and cheap. And because this year we decided we are not coming back home to Brasil, we could do a lot of traveling around Europe.
So every week from now on, I'm gonna show you guys the amazing places we have visited so far.

Today I'm gonna talk about Vienna. Last Friday we went to Austria for a quick 4 days trip and it was just breath taking! I don't know if you guys know, but here in the UK, we have 20 to 25 days of holidays per year, and this can be broken in how many times you want. So we decided we were going to do 5 trips of 5 days, that including the weekends, became 9 days off each time.

Pretty good, isn't it?

This time we took only Friday and Monday off, and went to Vienna. This was the most unexpected trip we've ever made, it was such on a short notice and we knew absolutely nothing about the city. So, Vienna won the "revelation of the year" badge!
Such a cute and nice city it is. Full of amazingly beautiful and full of history buildings, very cool museums, and for the lovers, beer, lots of beer.

We stayed with friends, Dani, Werner and there cute 3 year old boys. Yeah, twins! They are so much fun, we fell in love BIG TIME with them!!!! 

We were hammed when we first arrived to their place, it had been such a heavy week for both of us, and the night before we hardly slept. So, inspired by the kids we decided to take an afternoon nap. We felt much better after it, so refreshing! At the evening they took us to a local restaurant and I had my first schnitzel! É o famoso bife a milanesa! The only diference is that it's HUGE! yum, sooooooo good.
After that I had a plan that consisted on ONLY eating schnitzels the whole trip, but it was a silly plan, I know!

The next day we went for a walk around the 1st District and see the city center. We walked and walked and walked. As most European cities they have those city bikes, the ones which you can hire, use for 1 hour for free and return on another part of the city. It's so handy and fun!!! We went all the way to the Danube River, very romantic!

It was Werner 40th b'day that day, and they've arranged a big party for him. It was so much fun, we danced a lot, we had such a great time. I'm still waiting for Dani to send me the pictures, I promisse to post some as soon as I get them.

There is no need to say that on Sunday we had a hangovery-lazy morning and we only manage to go out on the afternoon. But it was totally worth it! We visit the Schoenbrunn Palace. It is SO beautiful and interesting, couldn't recommend more! And there is a zoo as well on the gardens, can you believe that? I couldn't be any happier, I even saw a panda!!!!!!!!!!

On the evening we had the most delicious ad big plate of spare ribs and on Monday we were fully recovered to walk and cycle more. There is a very cool contemporary art museum called Mumok, definitely a must-see!

I've promised Dani that I would give Vienna only good reviews so more friends would come to visit her, so here it goes my praise: Vienna has everything that any other european cities should have, amazing architecture, nice parks, overwhelming history, good food and wine. And we also got a huge bonus: 4 days of sun!

Horses have priority, specially when they are transporting this kind of cargo.

Sunny day at City Centre
At the Museum Quartier with Mummok on the background

On the gardens of the palace
Our favourite touristic day trips is to the local open markets

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