Thursday, September 15, 2011

Be Welcome!

This is my first ever post on this brand new blog, SO exciting!

Lots of new stuff happening around here.

First, as you might have noticed, I'm writing in English this time. I know, English is not my native language, and because of that I'll make lots of mistakes and you will see tons of misspelled words, but I'll give it a try. I'm an international girl now, and have lots of international friends - hooray! - and it might be good to exercise a bit more the language everyday while telling you guys what's on my head, not that you will be interested but who knows, maybe we can share some fun stuff!

On the other hand, I reckon this might be a good place to show what I'm up to. All the places we've been visiting, the good food, the colours, the smiles and all the pretty things I find around the internet as well.
I'll show you guys the (little) craft I've been making and all that jazz!

So, hope to see you guys around!


  1. Great Helena! Thanks for writing in english for us your foreign friends ;) And don't worry, your english is perfect!