Saturday, September 17, 2011

London's Best

It has been a bit more than one year and a half that we are in London. I can't even describe how much we like it in here.
London is a great mix of cultures, languages and people. You are on the underground, that here is called tube, and you see one girl in mini shorts and blue hair just by the side of another girl wearing a veil, and you see people from everywhere. One day I just noticed that everyone on the tube was reading something but each book cover was written in a different language, it's just amazing!
I will talk a lot about London on this blog, I'm so fascinated by the city and it is still a big puzzle for me.

But today I would like to tell you what I like the most in London: Here they are!!!

We were super lucky to find such amazing people, people that make us feel at home, that made our third (yes, third!!) relocation a bit softer and easy and fun.

I have never been very keen on being friends with brazilians just because we share the same nationality, and I confess that I used to struggle with the idea a lot before. But after moving so much around the globe and knowing how it feels to be alone, I've learnt how to appreciate a big bowl of pão de queijo together with people that have the same background as you do, and speak the same language, and laugh of the same jokes.
And on the top of that, they are not just some brazilians I met, they are the sweetest, kindest and most lovely people and I can't even think how it would be living in London without those guys.

Thanks you all.


  1. Sweet!
    I'm glad to have met you guys better here in London. Even living in opposite sides of the city and not meeting that frequent it's always very fun when we have uns bons drink together!

  2. feel the saaame way with my friends here ♥ siemocionei