Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Breakfast

Oh dear, I'm so tired!
I was the whole last week in Germany for work. I met tons of new people, understood a bit better how the company's flow is and actually worked extra hard.
I got booked 12 weeks with a freelance job and it has been really full on.

What are you up to tomorrow?

If you could come tomorrow to my house for breakfast I would tell you that sometimes I have lots of doubts about my career. That I'm not self confident enough and that at every second I think that people will not like me or like my work. I would tell you that I struggle thinking myself doing design for the rest of my life but at the same time, don't know what I would like to do.

Between coffee and toast I would tell you that I am full of hope that 2012 is going to be a great year, and that I've been really excited about the future.

I would tell you that I love husband everyday more and more and that working with him has made me admire him even more. Listening to what other workmates think about him makes my heart smiles and the proud I have for him is enormous. He is one of the most determined and responsible persons I've known and the way the conducts his career and aspirations is admirable and inspiring.

I would give you some brie and jam and say that I have two bags under my eyes and that my brain is on sleeping mode after this first 3 weeks of work and that I could never expect that I would be so tired! That I'm looking forward to some summer in the park in London as if it's heaven on earth and that I'll fail once more on looking good on my shorts this year.

I would fill your glass with fresh orange juice and say that I can't wait to move houses and that I've been planning on eating breakfast on my picnic table outside every weekend of this summer. Oh, I would actually change subject abruptly and tell you that in 2 weeks it's my 4 years wedding anniversary and that I am so lucky to have the best husband by my side, loving and caring me as if we were just newly in love. I would tell you between one sip of coffee and a bite of bread that he tells me everyday how pretty I am, and that I thank God every day for bumping into him in a bar 7 years ago.

I believe we would finish our breakfast with our bellies full of food and would have to open the top button of our jeans. The sun would be entering through the balcony door, and the cat would be sleeping on the arm of the couch. Then we would drag ourselves through the living room and join the cat on the sofa, cover our toes with a blanket and watch some zombies dying on television.

Than we would go down and enjoy the sun in the park, by some fish for barbecue later and I would give you a hug in the afternoon, thank you for the lovely morning and crash on the bed, cuddled with a husband and a cat till the sun is down.

What a perfect Saturday it would be.

The pictures bellow are from my good friend Lauro Machado in Rio de Janeiro. Just to show you how gorgeous my home town is (and how talented my friends are).

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