Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hello dear blog!
Oh, I'm so, so sorry for letting you down again, I've been extremely busy lately and you, my dear, is the first to be forgotten, I'm so ashamed.
I've been working full time again. Got a 12 weeks contract with a company central London, and for the past weeks, I've been loving to be around the real London buzz.
But they work daily long hours, there's lots to do and I hardly have time for other stuff.

But there are also some good news on the schedule:
First of all, I believe Spring is finally coming. I know I've been given fake signs that Spring was already here a few weeks ago, and that after that the cold came again with it's powerful freezing wind. But today is the third day in a row that the day begins with lovely sunshine and this makes me happy!

The other big news is that we might move houses in May. We are a bit nervous, because we haven't sign the contract yet, so everything feels a bit unstable. But I prefer to think this is their normal procedure and that in a bit more than a month I will be living in a little house!
Can't wait for summer to come in my new house! Lot's of planning ahead!

Well, guys, I leave you with some morning bits from today. I'm sorry again for the absence, but I'll try to keep posting.

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  1. Hey lovely! Nice to hear from you and that there's many new things going on in there :) It really looks like spring there too -we have also beautiful sun outside but we girls are in flu and have to stay indoors :( Hugs!