Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring has been gone again here from England. After a few weeks of sun and hope, the cold breeze came back again to kill.
So this Easter break has been all about cozy moments under the duvet, lots of TV, coffees and teas. We only ate and slept in the past two days.
I got a bit upset because as I gain a bit of weight again. It's so hard for me to keep myself slim, and working so hard as I've been doing now it is almost impossible to go to the gym.
And I'm not even eating any chocolate egg this year, but it has been really hard to be away from delicious and comforting food.
The week I worked in Germany was also very fattening as German food is incredibly heavy. Tons of pork, potatoes, everything with gravy, oh gosh, it didn't help.
 But I'll keep trying to behave and be good. Eat more salads, soups and fruits. Do you guys have any good recipe of low-fat food?

Here are some snapshots from the little free time I had during the trip:

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  1. You look great sweetie! I love the scarf! Sorry haven't answered your email yet! I'll do it asap ;) hugs!