Saturday, October 8, 2011

Busy bee..

My life has it's ups and downs. Sometimes I don't have the energy for anything, it's just too hard, too painful, too difficult. And few months later, somethings just shakes the dust away, and I push myself to do more, to live more, to enjoy.
I'm living one of this moments in life right now. My friend Margo calls me a busy bee when I start being this ultra high energetic girl, who wants to sew, to create things, and go to the gym, to bake... it's like a non-stop loop of mini dreams, mini plans that fill my days till I get overwhelmed and freeze all of them at once.
Anyway, all this bla bla is to tell you guys that tomorrow I'm gona start sewing classes! Yey! So excited about it! It's gonna be so good to really learn how to do it, so it will get easier to do my toys once again, without so much drama and tears as usual. I've been doing a few sketches again, trying to make a more cohesive collection of little animals, with more character and personality. Let's see, tell you guys tomorrow how was it.
Now, sleep tight if it's already night where about you live, otherwise, just have a good friday.


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