Thursday, January 3, 2013

And we're back!!!

Sorry everyone about the silence. I was having a baby!!!
Clara Soeiro Schneider was born at the 20-12-2012 (how cool is this date???), with 2.94kg and 54.5cm (I know, supermodel, right?)
She came into this world by a c-section delivery, due to the fact she was breech all the way through pregnancy.
The operation was really great, I was super confident and the Homerton Hospital medical team did a great job. They made me feel comfortable and secure and I have nothing to complain about. They even accepted my requests: having my baby girl delivered onto my chest straight after she was out of my tummy, waiting till the cord stopped pulsing to be cut and allowing me to have skin to skin with her before taking her to measure and weight.
After we left the theater, they took me to a recovery room, where she had her first feed. It was so magical, having my daughter over me, happily feeding as if we knew each other since forever.

The following 48 hours at the hospital were not that great. I couldn't sleep at all (I can handle my baby crying but definitely NOT 8 babies crying at the same time!). I was surprised by the number of moms that were bottle feeding their babies. It's clearly the culture of this country, they have lots of issues about breastfeeding, it is not that common.

Saturday the 22nd we came home with our little princess. It took us a couple of days to adjust ourselves to the new life, to stop crying every time she cried but now I can say we are doing really great! Husband has been the best dad ever, so caring and loving, he's been a huge help! And me, well, I still spare on tear or two when Clara screams for no apparent reason but I'm super proud of the way we are doing things.

We are sleeping well at night, she only wakes up twice, so we can have a reasonable amount of hours per night (enough not to become zombies). And during the day she is a champ! Sleeping with loud music or TV, lights on e even the washing machine on!

As you can see we are pretty much in love with our girl. She is the sunshine of those wintery days. Everyday she learns something new, it's a new expression on her face, a new look, a new smile. She is getting really chubby with big cheeks!

She is the sweetest little thing, just perfect.

Today she turns 2 weeks old. And I know... time flies...she will be in university in blink of an eye!

Clara - 1 week old in her very cool outfit chosen by her dad


  1. Linda!
    Tia Re mal pode esperar para pegar vocĂȘ no colo! <3
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