Sunday, October 21, 2012


I am!!!
I couldn't find time to change the blog's layout. Between the trip to San Francisco, the journey home (Brazil) to show everyone the belly, the return back to London and all the preparing to the arrival of baby girl, I'm totally without any spare time.

But this girl here inspired me to come back writing again. Even with an old layout. Yes, I still want to share my mama thoughts and ambitions, fears and silly wishes for this baby girl who's joining our family in December.

This is the latest picture I have, it's been ages ago, I was 26 weeks by then (I'm 30 today!) but it's a picture I love. It has everything I like, beautiful beach, warm weather, great smile in my face and my pretty baby inside the belly.

I'm bigger now, and here in London the weather is much MUCH colder and it's a bit difficult to show the belly around, but I promisse to take more pictures.

I'll also show you how the nursery room is looking now, it's SO cute! I have what they call nesting syndrome. I just can't stop building stuff for her. I believe this week I might take some photos of the nursery to show you guys how cute is our sweet girl's room.

It's good to be back, I won't be that far, I swear.

Love, xx.

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