Friday, September 7, 2012


This blog is under (re)construction!!!

I was just about to shut this page down due to my lack of posts and also my lack of readers, but I decided I'll try harder, I'm not the kind that quit and I also love having a space to talk.

So, I'm gonna shake it up things around here.

New design and new topics. I'll focus on my role as a mom-to-be and the challenges I'll find through pregnancy and as a first time mother.

I'll share frustrations, cuteness, doubts, tears, smiles and love.

Please, be patient, this might take a few weeks to be done and I don't work well under pressure.

To be continued...

xx, Helena


  1. Good Helena! Waiting forward to see you blogging again :) BIG Hug!

  2. Volta logo : )
    Bjs da Gardins