Thursday, July 19, 2012

Love in double

Yesterday I had one huge surprise that completely made my day.
I went to the doctor for a normal pregnancy check-up and I heard my baby's heartbeat.
I can't describe the cloud of happiness that has filled me up immediately. It was the cutest thing I've EVER heard, that fast little heart healthily beating inside my belly. It's true, I have two hearts now and the love I feel for husband is now double the size.

I was a bit upset he was not there with me, it was not his fault, poor man, it was just that we couldn't know I would hear baby's heart. He was so jealous that I've heart our baby and he hasn't.
And this made me think, for us, mothers is so easy to love this little human being that is growing everyday inside us, our bodies change so quick, our mood varies, it's the craziest thing, but there is a constant reminder every second of your life telling you, there is a baby inside you and he is yours.

But for fathers it might be so strange. They don't change, they don't get fat or have cravings. They are just fathers and all of a sudden the pressure of being the provider of the family, to be responsible, to do the right choices, it comes like a brick wall smashing them down.

Husband has been outstanding since we discovered we are expecting a baby. He has been the most lovable, carrying, sweet man in the world. He is passing though an extremely hard professional moment in his carrer but has been holding the stress very well not to show and pass the anxiety for the baby. I love him more and more, and now that I've realised I have two hearts everything made sense, I love him for two, cause our baby loves him very much as well.

I'm on the 17th week now, and I can't believe in only 4 weeks we will figure out if it's a boy or a girl. And we will be able to think about names, that has been so difficult to choose.

Love for you all.

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