Monday, July 9, 2012

Back from Berlin

First of all, I would like to apologize for that post where I was all anxious about baby shopping and arrangements. Now, after that crazy wave has gone, I see how silly I was on wasting my nights of sleep and precious time worrying. I believe I just let me overwhelm a bit with thoughts.
Exactly the same thing has happened by the time husband and I got married. Somehow I let myself be swallowed by the consumerism machinery. And in the end, it took me a good few nights of insomnia and liters of tears speared to realise that we don't follow the rules and our way of doing things is special, it's ours. So, I promised myself I will stop looking to to-do's or to-buy's lists on internet and will do our way with the baby as well. And our way is so much nicer!

This afternoon we had a quick visit to a kid's shop I love to check out the sales. Unfortunately the nursery furniture was not included on the discount, so we left empty handed. But it was good to go with husband to see cute stuff. He is amazing, I love him so much. He got all excited with the winter clothes, hahaha, we had a great time together, looking for stuff for our little one. No rush, no obligations, no pressure, just two parents having fun, holding hands and imagining our cute boy or girl using all that cute winter gear :)

About our trip to Berlin: It was amaaaaaaaaazing! Berlin is one of my favourite cities in the world, what a great atmosphere it has! We had a great time, saw some good friends, ate well, visited lots of interesting places, saw Pearl Jam and gave each other lots of kisses and hugs!

We don't have many pictures, we were not in the mood for photos, don't know why.. but here it is what we got:

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