Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year's resolutions

It's been a while that I'm planning on writing down my resolutions for 2012. But every year is the same, I say I'm gonna eat less, work out more, loose some kilos and nothing happens.
So yesterday, I was reading a magazine and they had an article about new year's resolutions. About how our brains crave what's forbidden. They say studies proved that only on thinking you can't have chocolates makes you want them even more.

Stupid brain.

So, this year I'm gonna try different resolutions:

1. Organize my house - I've already started with the wardrobe, the book shelf - photos soon - and the junk messy closet. Next it's gonna be the draw of documents, find a good wine rack to buy and sell/get rid of the cds and dvds we don't want anymore.

2. Find a bigger flat for my family - We live in a tiny adorable flat and we absolute love our home. It has everything we like, tons of sun light, a balcony for the summer barbecue and it's on a good location. Downside? It's tiny! And it's almost exploding with stuff we've been accumulating all these years. We need more space!

3. Learn to knit - This saturday I'll attend to a knitting class. Of course, I know I'll not master the technic that quick, but it's a start! Next winter it's gonna be all about scarves and hats.

4. Study another language - I'll learn Italian, capito?

5. Well, why not? Loose 5 kilos? hahahahaha

See you folks!


  1. I have to join you at the "5" resolution! ;)

  2. eu tenho uma outra resolução muito importante para 2012: visitar vc! : )