Monday, January 9, 2012

Instantaneous love

I'm a super hero, didn't you know that?
I have the super power of falling in love everyday with random people.
I can fall in love with animals too. Very quickly. It's a gift.

So today I fell in love with this girl, from Color Me Katie.
First, she lives in NY and that's pretty cool. Second she's pretty. Finally on third, she's very, veeeeeeery creative, has the most colorful house and a very fluffy cat.
So, for me, these are enough reasons for falling in love with her.

I got mad reading her blog this morning, couldn't stop. I was amazed how pretty her pictures are, how enthusiastic she is to make her house prettier everyday and most of all, that she takes her cat to the park in a bag.

Instantaneous love.


  1. amo o blog dela muito muito muito! mas esse pé da foto doído de feio! haha

  2. Lovely idea but my cats would be out like a flash and surrounded by maimed birds ;) x

  3. preciosidad! aqui un blog muy similar de NYC Y de gatitos. me likes :)
    y como estais? todo bien?
    os mando besos desde el pais de nevada helada. Kitoooo!