Friday, October 28, 2011

Away from home: Interview with Milena Benevento

Hello people!
It's Friday finally!
Here in London the weather is gorgeous, sunny autumny days, with a cold breeze and yellow leaves falling from the trees. Tomorrow I'll show you some pictures!

Today, I'm posting what I think it will be the last interview on the blog. My lovely friends haven't got THAT engaged on the thing and I didn't receive lots of replies. Anyway... I think it was fun, don't you reckon?

Also, I have to show you guys my new desk at work! After a bit more than 1 year and a half in a room with no windows, i've got the best sit in the whole building, I'll share a few snapshots very soon! I have an amazing view for the lake with ducks and swans, pine trees, it's so European and gorgeous!

I hope you enjoy knowing a bit more about Milena. She's a super friendly girl, with a huge sense of humor. She loves to travel and is an amazing cooker. Really, that girl has some skills. Everything she does is delicious! She's also a blogger, if you'd like to know a bit more about her, go to her website, she's also writing in English as well!

Milena Benevento
City and Country where do you live now?
London, UK
Do you have kids?
I don't have kids, but they'll come in the future.
Graphic designer
Do you work? Study?
I am currently working at a café. Since I've been living in London I've have never worked as a graphic designer... At the beginning I was more keen on traveling around Europe and needed no commitments, so I was not looking for a job, then it became just too hard and tricky to find this kind of work. So, meanwhile I get some money doing other things, this is my second cafe so far and I have worked as a dog walker for a while, which is quite fun!
Do you do any extra activity (gym, yoga, crafts)?
I was going to the gym almost every day and running quite a lot. But now that I'm working like a dog, waking up at 4 in the morning, I'm in no mood for working out. I was doing very well on yoga though. :/
Why have you moved away from Brazil?
I always wanted to live abroad and improve my English and my partner wanted to do his MA. So we decided to move to London. Not very exciting but...
Do you feel part of the local culture?
I do. I like sunday roasts and Pimm's but I still can't get why they drink tea with milk and like marmite.
Have you ever wanted to go running back home? Why?
Not really. Maybe at the very beginning, when I was trying to open a bank account. That was annoying and I missed our "brazilian way" of doing things... But that was all.
What does make you want to stay?
When you get used to the way things are done in here you realise that this is a very nice place to live. Also because it's safe to walk on a bus or streets... I feel safe and it doesn't happen in Rio. And, above all, because of the little black cat that our neighbour kindly [not really] share with us since it was just a kitten [about 1,5 years ago]! I love the cat so much and it's just too hard to imagine leaving him.
If you could choose a favourite place in the city you're now, where should it be?
It depends on the mood... but I like to walk or cycle along the Thames from Hammersmith to Kew. I like Kew Gardens, It's beautiful.
Is your life abroad very different from what it was back in Brazil?
It is. I have less responsibilities here... I know this is not the usual thing one living abroad would say, but it's so true. No complains, though.
What would make you return home?
Well it may happen next year if I can't manage to sort out my italian citizenship before my visa expire. It would be sad, man.
Where do you feel more beautiful? In Brazil or abroad?
Here I feel fatter and shorter than I really am because I am always surrounded by these europeans with theirs long and thin legs *sighs*. I  Brazil I'm kind of average so I feel less different. But it depends more on whether I'm happy or not with myself rather than where I am.
I love this picture of her very very much!

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