Thursday, December 6, 2012

Clara's Nursery Room

Building the nursery was huge fun! For the first time in my life, I could plan a room from scratch. To think about every single detail and go for it!
I'm super happy with how it looks, it's exactly what I had in mind, it's just so cute!
I really wanted her to have a few things from the places where her mom and dad formerly lived, that's the result:

Her Eames pink elephant was a gift from my dearest friend Silvia. Her husband and her were part of my daily life here in London for more than 2 years before they decided they would move back to Brazil to have their little girl (who might be born at any time now), breaking my heart in little pieces.

The cot mobile and blanket are from Mamas and Papas, a shop I simply adore in London. They were also presents from dearest people who I simply can't thank enough for their generosity. The owl was a surprise gift from two adorable girls to whom I lent our house for a few days.

Here it comes the Scandinavian team. The cot bumper and changing mat are from Sweden. I got them from an super cute online shop called The Modern Baby. The owner of this shop, Suzanne, it's the cutest lady I've ever met, mother of two little ones. I totally recommend you go check her shop NOW!

Finnish Marimekko little suitcase was also a gift from my lovely friend Pinja, from Pinjacolada. It's just SO cute!

On the wall, we will have Olga, a blue monster originally from Liniers, an Argentinean illustrator who I love. I couldn't find any of his posters to buy so I redraw it myself. We also have the cutest little squirrel  from an English illustrator (sorry, forgot her name!).

The latest purchase is my gor-ge-ous Eames lounge chair that's just breathtaking! So beautiful, so comfortable! Can't wait to spend my days and nights nursing her on our chair! Thanks husband!!!!!

This is where we will spend our days from now on. I believe our little Clara will be very happy here!
I hope you liked it!