Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Very Stylish Babies

Every new mum knows the huge market out there of evil-gorgeous-overpriced products, targeting us, new mums, those who have just waited too long for this precious baby to come to the world, who are willing to give everything to their kids.
Okay. Now you add the fact that there are designer mums to the equation and try to figure out how dangerous this might be.
Because now, not only a totally unnecessary item is SO necessary BUT, at the same time, it NEEDS to be beautiful and in harmony with your house.
Those bastards, they really know how to catch a mum's heart (or wallet).


Lucky me I have a friend who told me very wise words as soon as I got pregnant: a baby needs very little, almost nothing, just a pair of breasts and some warm clothes.

I've been using those words like a mantra, every time I see a perfect piece of design like this:

The most perfect baby high chair, that brilliantly match our dinner table chairs, with the most simple and yet pretty design I've ever seen. Oh, and very, VERY expensive.

The design studio behind this beauty is the Spanish CuldeSac. A big high five to them. Unfortunately this is not for this mama here, but surely it's something I can dream about it.

What does make you heart melt?

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