Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hello bloggy blog!

I'm so excited to announce that we are the new tenants of an amazingly cute little house!

The moving date is only in May but this afternoon we signed the contract and did a little visit to the flat to do some measurements. We met the current tenant who is a lovely girl and I felt such a good vibe coming from the place.

We left there with big smiles on our faces and a whole bunch os plans of how to make our new home even more special.

I am really happy! Can't even say. I love the flat we are in now but it feels so good moving to a family size place. It's just like a little pay off for so many years of hard work from both me and husband, it's like our little reward.

Really, it's quite a funny feeling I'm having now. All my life, I've never being a religious person or anything like that but with age I've been believing more and more that it's true: good stuff happens to good people. And maybe the bad moments we've been through in the recent past, maybe they were necessary in order to appreciate these good ones. It might sound really naive and silly but I've been really proud of the person I became, and I deeply believe that I wouldn't be that person if I hadn't been through all that loss I've been.

It's so weird how things happen. I don't believe it's a coincidence that I ended up marrying a man who more or less passed through the same experiences in life than I did, losing our mothers so young, kind of free souls without that many people to bond with. And somehow we met each other, and we understood each other (even having different ways of reacting about all these experiences) and we supported each other.

I've already felt so much alone in life, even when I was surrounded by love from friends and husband, I felt I was by myself. But now this feeling is completely gone, and I feel myself so special and blessed. Blessed for having him, and his smile, and his sparkly blue eyes, and his laugh and now we are moving on with our lives as a little family, me him and our kitty-cat. And we are going to a bigger place in the neighborhood we chose in the city we decided to stay. And work, well, work is just work and luckily we both have ours.
There's been a long time that I don't feel that happy and excited about life and the future.

I just close my eyes every now and then and wish that life doesn't play us another trick and that this happiness can last lots long.

Thank you husband. Next Monday it's our 4th wedding anniversary and I can't thank you enough from being just the best.

Love you.


  1. Los quiero tanto, chicos. Les deseo lo mejor ahora y siempre. Los llevo conmigo en el corazón y en la mente como uno de los mejores regalos que me traje de Buenos Aires. Besos para los dos <3

  2. Ana Maria Schneider MaranhãoApril 15, 2012 at 6:00 PM

    Queridos. Que felicidade minha poder compartilhar a de voces. Aprender a viver custa... e a religião/espiritualidade vai penetrando lentamente...e faz bem...Graças à Deus. Muito amor e saudades. Ana Maria

  3. que lindo! você merece ser muito feliz, lindona...
    adorei ler seu texto... li sorrindo e me enchi de esperança!
    quanta energia boa! <3
    mtos bjos,