Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A day in my life

My day starts at 7 am. Now that's winter time and the mornings are pitch black I struggle a lot to get out the bed. Usually I just close my eyes again and pretend it's Saturday but husband usually saves me from loosing the time. So I go straight to the shower and start thinking about what to wear. I usually go comfy to work, some jeans or leggings and a warm jumper (I work in a very cold room full of computers). I'm a very spoiled wife so usually by the time I'm dressed, husband already made me a cup of coffee and a toast. We try to have breakfast together as part of our daily routine. By the time I finished my coffee I'm already late and a rush against the clock begins. I blow dry my hair and put some light make-up, pick my gym bag and run out the house. From my house to work it's a long journey. When I'm on time I catch a bus to the trains station and catch the train straight to work. But because I'm usually late and already missed the train, I have a 15 minutes walk to the tube station. I have to change trains 2 times. It takes me around 1h10m, 1h20m to get to work and it's never easy. I work with a small team of graphic designers at a broadcast company. Work is fun, but I'm having a major life crisis right now and am struggling a bit. I never know what's gonna be of my days, we work with small projects that last a few days maximum and my days are never the same. We do kids channels so everything is always cute and fun. At lunch time I go to the gym (or try to go at least 3 times a week). Now I've been swimming and I'm really enjoying it. When I don't go swimming I go to have lunch with the boys somewhere around work. I work mainly with guys so when there is a girl freelancing we tend to become immediately best friends. Post production is a very boyish area but I got used to always be the only girl in the team.
I leave work ate 6:30pm and take my train back home. I'm always reading a book or listening to music on the train (or sleeping on some one's shoulder!)
On my way home I stop by the supermarket to buy dinner. We are both trying to loose weight so dinner consists of salads, chicken breasts or soup. But when I had a hard day at work I usually invite husband to eat out somewhere near home. There's a persian place close home that it's our favorite now so we go there a lot. Husband is a bit of a workaholic so he's never at home before 9pm. We love to cuddle on the sofa and watch crap tv together. Usually the day ends with one of us sleeping on the sofa and being dragged to the bed around twelve.

This is a bit of my daily routine, would you like to tell me yours?

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