Sunday, December 4, 2011

BFF week

I've read somewhere that on the 8th of December it's Best Friend's day.
What an amazing day, isn't it? Your BFF deserves one day for her own!
So, I'll dedicate this week to my besties.

Today I'm gonna talk about Luisa. She is so important to me that we don't call each other by the name anymore, I call her best and she calls me best as well.
Lu comes from an amazing family, her mom is as sweet and generous as she is and she is that kind of friend that will be there for you it doesn't matter what.
We first met in 1999, on a trip at university times. On a very short talk, we've realized that we not only lived 2 blocks away from each other, but we had similar childhoods, studied on the same school, were both single child from Jewish moms and a dozens of other similarities. It was love at first sight. From that trip on, we were like sisters, glued together.
With her I've spent the most fun moments of my life. She use to make me laugh as no other person never did. We shared so many fun moments, love stories, hearts broken, big decisions. We saw life tearing us apart for a while and bringing us together again. We saw our teenage years going by, we saw grey hairs growing on our heads, we saw us both falling in love and getting married. As sisters we fought, we cried, but we also loved very much each other.
She is the owner of the best smile and the sweetest eyes.
She was by my side when I lost my mother and was alone in the world. She has open her busy life and her house for me to stay when I lost everything I knew and and I'll be forever grateful for having her in my life.

Best, love you very very much.


  1. Suas palavrinhas fizeram a Best chorar nesse domingo tão cheio de coisas chatas pra fazer. Muito obrigada pela linda-linda-linda-super-only-best-homenagem. Te amo também, muito. Você sabe. <3 ou S2, tanto faz.