Monday, September 19, 2011


Katie from Skunkboy Creatures is a super talented American girl who designs and makes those lovely felt creatures. I have a huge crush on her work, you know that kind of work you see and think: " Oooownn: I wish they were mine!"
They are so sweet and they have that kind of magic around them, it's just like they will become alive as soon as you stop staring, and they will trot, and blink and hop around, just like a Michel Gondry movie.

I started making my felt toys when I was living in Finland and was not full-time working. It was such a incredible experience, to spend days, weeks sewing till your fingers are sore and red. I had the great opportunity to sell them at the Helsinki Design Week, it was so much fun. I had to learn how to say the basic in Finish, like: En puhu suomea (I don't speak Finnish! haha), but even not speaking a word of Finnish I managed to sell a whole bunch of them. It was unforgettable!

But when I look to Katie's work, I see the long journey I still have to ride, before I can (who knows one day) have my crafts as my only income. It's a long journey, I still have to figure out my own style, as a artist, my personal touch that will make my toys a unique piece of craft.

For now, I will leave you guys with her lovely little friends:

Aren't they just breath taking?
Aren't they lovely? (Not even mentioning that she is gorgeous and have a
super lovely cute family! Total girl crush!! he he)

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