Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why mamas love a dirty talk

That's the deal, we all knew that soon or later this would happen, I know it doesn't smell good, I know it's nasty, but c'mon, let's talk about poo.

If there is something I was not even thinking twice about my motherhood journey was that, YES, we were going to use disposable nappies. I was "that's it, c'mon, we're already all by ourselves in a foreign country, we don't have help, soon husband will go to work and I'll alone take care of this baby. So, let's make life simple and use nappies!"

At the same time, you have to agree with me, this "all eco" moms, they are very nice and everything, but there is also something nuts about them. I saw a doc the other day about families that don't use nappies at all. They have learned how to see by baby's expression that a pee or poo is on it's way and they ruuuuuun to the toilet or the nearest bush, spread little baby's legs so baby can do his business.

I was all about "this is nuts", there will be poo on the floor, what about the water they use to wash so many baby clothes, blah blah blah. I was trying to stick with my guilt about using disposable nappies with honour till the end.

Well, I received one little email from another pregnant friend asking about nappies, and that was it, I started thinking. Of course, I want to be practical, I want baby to have a soft, clean, squeezable lil' bottom but will I sleep well knowing that disposable nappies are the third largest contributors to landfill in the world and yet only 5% of the population uses them? That a single nappy can take up to 500 years to biodegrade? And that in the UK only, 10 million nappies are binned everyday?

And yet, I remember that image of a poor tired mom running through the house with a baby already peeing himself, trying to reach the toilet in time, and it still makes me laugh.

Well, that's how I found gNappies. They are a mix of a 100% cotton nappy cover, with disposable inside liners that not only promisse to be 100% biodegradable, but also to be gentle and effective for your baby.

I still don't know what this family here will do. And I also don't want judgmental eyes at me if you meet me for a coffee and I'm using normal nappies (not me, hahaha, baby!) but it surely makes me think.
I might give it a try. Who knows, maybe this baby girl will come to the planet already helping to save us all.

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