Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This post is for you


This is the first of what I hope will be a new series here on the blog: Posts just for you, Clara. At the beginning of pregnancy, I was writing quite a lot for you, but as usual, mama gets busy, and stops her very cool projects.
So I'll keep writing to you here, this way, you may find this website one day and be delighted by how much mama loves you.

Dear baby inside my belly, we are almost there. I absolutely can't wait to see your face, your eyes, check if you have one pointy ear like mine, kiss your fingers, bite your chubby tights, feel your smell.
I can't even describe how much I already love you and we haven't even met in person yet.

I wonder if you'll recognize me after you get out my tummy. If you'll look at your dad and know he's the guy that every night tells you secrets that only the two of you can hear. If you will know how much joy you brought to our lives since you started growing inside my belly. 

We know it'll be tough. I know I will daily cry of fear: is she too warm? too cold? hungry? sick? I know this will be my life from now on. But I'm also very sure we will have lots of fun together.
That you and your dad will be best friends, I already can see you two conspiring against me, and giggling like teenagers. I can imagine the clear picture of you, holding your shovel and bucket going to the beach to build sand castles. I can see you making funny faces when your front teeth start falling and that we will laugh out loud with all the super funny things you will say.

I don't know what the future holds to us, your mama and dad are not very keen of settling down, you will soon sort this out. But I'm very sure that wherever we live, we will be the most happy family on the block and that our house will be filled with love. 

I love your dad very much. He's an awesome guy. He is very handsome, you will totally fall in love for him. He's also super funny and silly, and he loves to make me laugh and soon he'll do that to you as well. My heart melts when I imagine the two of you together, it will be really cute.

Can't wait to hang you drawings on the fridge, to prepare your lunchy to go to school, to eat popcorn and watch a movie under the blankets with you. I love you baby girl.

We have only one month to go now. 4 weeks and you will be into this world. And I promisse, baby, I promisse you I'll be here to look out for you always.

Cuddle up yourself, honey, because it's cold outside and we will soon be united.

Lots of kisses, 

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