Saturday, March 10, 2012

I like a girl with a short skirt and a loooooooooong jacket

I've never been much of a shopper. I believe it's because I lived all my teenage and early 20's with a mom full of debts. At home we were really tight with money, there were not much really to spare.
In a way this was really good, my mom always knew how to bring me as a kid to the financial problems of the house in a way that I never felt frustrated or anything for not having much.

And now that fortunately both me and husband work and we have a little bit more, I somehow still feel super guilty to buy stuff for myself! It's funny because I don't spare money when the subject is food or eating out, but there is something about buying clothes that make me guilty!

At the same time, I know we are not young anymore and it's not that easy to look good as it was age of 17, where a simple pair of jeans and white T-shirt use to look really good on my skinny body and perfect skin.

Said that, the point I would like to get is that I've been trying lately to treat myself better and spend a little more on myself. But there is something in me that still makes me a cheap shopper. The other day I told my friend Silvia that I got a blouse, a bag, a blazer and a scarf for £58. She was WHAT?? Where? and we both said H&M at the same time just before cracking laughing!

Even being a cheap shopper I still know how to appreciate beautiful tailored clothes and Orla Kiely is a good example of clothes I would like to have if I allow myself to spend more on clothes (which I can't really). Here, I leave you guys with her new spring look book:

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