Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hello new life!

Yesterday as very bittersweet! I was very happy about my decision in becoming a freelancer and leaving my full time job, but at the same time, was really nervous and sad of leaving.

The guys at work were so sweet! I got several pretty cupcakes, a card, an organizer to keep my appointments in order and money! WOW!

I had a super relaxed day at work, full of hugs and smiles. They really encouraged me, it was awesome. Later we all went to the local pub and was really great to see so many friendly faces around. From there, we took the tube and went to Bodeans for gigantic burgers and sandwiches and husband met us there. It was great.

I felt so much loved, can't even find words to describe!

Now is just try to be patient if work doens't come that quick. I know it can be tricky to be a freelancer but I still think it's the right thing to me.

And to be even better today we had a warm and sunny day in London. You can already feel the buzz of spring coming. The girls are already in dresses (with tights but...) and the sunglasses got out from the cases after long months of winter. There's a big tree under my balcony that's already full of tiny cute pink flowers and that's the best sign so far!

What about you? How are you doing?

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  1. lelis!! não sabia dessa novidade!!
    boa sorte, fico feliz de saber que você está feliz!! tenho certeza de que dará tudo certo, você tem muito talento e merece tudo de bom! ;)
    beijos da bela!