Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Christmas Tale

Once upon a time, a little family of two decided on leaving their warm and sunny home to travel all around the world and live a great adventure. Since then life has not been totally easy and there were times when they thought they wouldn't make it, but then some kind of amazing stuff happens and life keeps going on track, both happy and smiley as they always have been.

The love between them is so big that even on the hardest and darkest time,s they just knew that everything would end alright.

So this is how this couple has been running their lives, one day each time, one step after the other. And since then it has been 7 Christmas together. 7 Christmas. 1 in Rio, 2 in Buenos Aires, 2 in Helsinki and 1 in London and the last one in New York.

The one in Rio was the last family gathering they had. Parents from both sides, turkey on the table, all very traditional as it should be. They could never imagine that would be just the start.
The next Christmas was already in Buenos Aires: The two of them, a experimental fillet of salmon and promises for a better year. A better year that came big, full of adventures, glaciers, penguins and love. That was a great year and a great Christmas party. Friends from home, lots of them.
The following Christmas was definitely white. On the top of the world, where the days don't seem to be born and snow falls from the skies, this little family got bigger. With a feline addition to the pack, they made friends and had a lovely Christmas party, turkey on the table, all very traditional again, as it should be. The one after that was more like a goodbye to the northern lands.
Last year's Christmas was time to make new friends in another city. Friends who have stolen their hearts and arrived to stay.

But this last Christmas, well, this one was special. This lovely couples traveled all the way to New York City to spend the best time of their lives.

It deserves a post just for itself, I promise to write all the details, the places we've been, the food we've eaten, everything. Please, be patient, it's gonna be worth it.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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