Sunday, November 6, 2011

Today is the cat's birthday! Yes, dear friends, I'm the kind of person who celebrates the cat's birthday. Not that I'm a cat lady, no, no, but, yes, I'm a bit freak about cats, oh, not all cats really, just mine.

Nina came to my life 3 years ago, in a cold winter, on the northern lands of Finland. I was feeling pretty much alone up there, it was cold, dark and I was bored, not working and freezing my lovely bottom at home.
One day, we were invited by our lovely fiends Daniel and Margot Dhondt to go for a lunch in a near city called Porvoo. It was just a few hours from Helsinki. So, there we were, on the road, when all of a sudden we saw some very hairy cows on a little piece of land. They were pretty funny cows, all hairy and so. Margot  decided it would be really cool to stop and say hello to them.
I remember thinking: "Oh Lord, these dutch people are a bit weird but yeah let's say hello to the cows." So, we stopped on the farm, and the farmer came toward us greeting.
-Hello - he said - the kittens are inside
I was really confused and said:
-Kittens? no, no we came here for the cows.
The guy just laugh at me as if I was completely nuts and opened the door of the house.
By that time I was a bit suspicious, thinking that we would all get killed by some crazy Finish farmer who was non stop smiling and asking if we would like some tea.
Inside, there was a blond woman, who led us to the house.

I was holding my husband's arm really tight and he was just smiling at me, really pleased with my puzzled face. When the lady opened the back door we entered a big bathroom full of tiny little kittens. That was the time when Gui told me we could pick one to bring home. I was speechless: "Really? Are you serious? Any of them?"

I was overwhelmed by all those cute kittens, trying to pet them, hold them, but they were all scared of us. All but one. She was tiny, with big rounded eyes. She came all cute, Gui hold her on his arms and she started purring. That was her! The chosen one!

A few weeks later I went to bring her home, all the way from Vantaa, on a bus.
She was so little, I remember she couldn't climb the bed or the sofa, so small were her legs.

Since then we've been like a little family. She never left our side, such a good companion she is. We had to learn how to adapt our lives to her, how to not bother when she meows like crazy or when she is sick and make a mess all over the house. Having a pet is not easy, it's a huge commitment and lots of trouble. But at the same time, it's a huge love.

Nina, Pikki, Pequerrucha, Bolotinha, Bola-Porco-do-Mato, Picurico, I love you very much.
With a fury coat at winter time

Nerdy, reading a book

Taking care of the laundry

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