Monday, October 10, 2011

Renegade fair in London :(

I don't believe I've missed the 1st ever Renegade Fair in London last weekend! Oh no!
Well, who knows? Maybe next year I will not only go to visit it but maybe I might have a stall for my crafts. *giggles*
Today it was a big day for my crafts, spent some free time at work defining a few designs. Can't wait to start actually making them.
Husband will be away for a few days so this might be the perfect excuse to make myself busy around the sewing machine and start to try on a few patterns.

By the way, my neighbor gave me loads of apples that she harvested from some sort of farm, so I decided I was going to bake a Tarte Tatin. Well, first I couldn't find the puff pastry at the local market and second, my frying pan doesn't fit in the oven, so I'm doing a alternative version of a Tarte Tatin on the hob. Fingers crossed!

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