Thursday, November 15, 2012

The coolest baby in the block

I absolutely love a baby in pajamas. There is nothing cozier, cuter and let's say comfortable than a baby in cotton all-in-ones. I believe babies should wear only comfy clothes. I wish we adults could only wear pajamas as well, but this may sound a bit freak :p

Good news are, here in Europe, there are lots of baby clothes brands that agree with me. That babies should be all day in 100% cotton, stretchy outfits. But the best part is that there are people out there fighting against the pink-blue dictatorship who think kids should be fun and wear cool prints.

I'm all about repeating patterns in the moment and am in absolute love with these brands.

Here there's a little selection of my favorite baby brands:

Bobo Chooses

Me and I

Polarn O. Pyret

Beau Loves

Biggest trouble with those brands is that it's kind of impossible to have a competitive price with big brands (read: GAP), and we, new moms, know how quick our babies will grow so it's kind of complicated to have only cool and bold clothes. But, in my opinion, is already good enough to have people out there trying to make a difference and have a market for cool kids who have personality since the crib.

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