Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday bits

The sun came to stay this weekend. Finally a sunny break from the grey winter that was driving everyone nuts!

The day started with great breakfast and cat cuddles. Then we decided to go to Tate Britain to check the new Picasso exhibition.

Sometimes we like to be tourists in London, and today was one of this days:
We took a bus from home to London Bridge and walked along the Tames Bank side till Tate Modern. From there we took the Tate-to-Tate boat and went to Tate Britain.

The exhibition was okay, definitely not one of my favourites so far, but it has some great pieces, it's worth a visit. London was gorgeous today, a shame the batteries of the camera died in the middle of the journey.

Tomorrow is the first day of my new life, already have a few appointments but I'm sure this will be a chilled week. Good for the blog that always gets tons of attention when I'm not busy working.

So see you tomorrow, have a great week you all!

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  1. torcendo sempre por vc : )
    q saudades, lindona!