Friday, February 24, 2012

Last day

Today is my last day at work! Eek! So nervous!
Husband says that might be really difficult to be me, such an anxious and nervous person, and he is right, it is!!! I'm soooo overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities as a freelancer designer, oh gosh, really it feels like I have giant butterflies in my stomach!

Anyway, today is day to celebrate. I'm going out for drinks with the guys from work and I promise you that I'll try to stay "happy-go-lucky" the whole day, keep positive and don't waste not even one little tear!
(let's save them for next week when the reality will crash like a flying elephant over my pretty head!)

Oh, and I'm here like crazy refreshing the ticketmaster webpage to try to get tickets for Blur on the Hyde Park in August!! Eek (2)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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