Thursday, January 5, 2012

Daily Treat

I've been very much in love with husband. He is just the best! And I have to confess: I'm a very spoiled wife.
I'm so, but so spoiled that ask him to make me cappuccinos every morning and he does! And there is no starbucks not even near to be competition to hubby's cappuccino.

We have been trying all different kinds of coffee, we got a bit addicted to it. Our favourites so far are from the coffee stall on the Broadway Market, we love the Indian and the Peruvian ones from them. Another big fave is the Algerian Coffee that is the one from the pictures bellow. The milk is semi skimmed, it's impossible to make that level of froth with skinny milk.



  1. you are so lucky!! here we can't find a nice coffee, we have to ask people who is coming from Brasil to bring us some!! hahahahaaa

  2. hummm, parece tão bom! : )