Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend's Fun: Towpath Café

We love a good brunch here at home. At least on day of the weekend we try to go for a brunch somewhere. The most popular place since we moved to Broadway Market has been Little Georgia - a tiny restaurant from the region of Georgia with excellent sandwiches, eggs with smoked salmon, berries smoothies and delicious coffee.

Nevertheless, today we've had such an incredible sunny autumn day, with blue sky and a very pleasant cold breeze. So we decided to take the bikes and visit a very cute cafe near Dalston, on the Regent's Canal towpath - The Towpath Cafe.

The pictures above are not mine. Unfortunately I always forget to take pictures from the nice places I go here in London. And today was so sunny, AAAAAH, what a missed opportunity. Anyway, the place is really good. Lovely staff, nice vintage furniture, welcoming atmosphere, and the food was super tasty.
We've shared a grilled cheese sandwich with spring onions and jam (YUMMY!) and a sausage sandwich. Coffee was creamy and delicious as well.

I recommend! Next time I promise to take my camera with me :)

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