Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Away from Home: Interview

The other day, I was on my way home on the train and had a brilliant idea! Why not have a series of interviews with Brazilian girls who live far from home, just like me?
This way we can know a bit more how different people react to a complete new environment and how life treats all of them.

So I planned a list of questions and asked the girls to answer them. I can't say it was a general fever among them, but at least I had one answer quite fast!

Please meet Pat, a friend who I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year here in London. A very smiley, cheerful girl, who loves her work, going out with friends and mostly, Dexter her (very cute) cat.

Patricia Claper

29 years old (oh dear!)

Brazilian, with Greek and Austrian families

City and Country where do you live now?
London, UK

Do you have kids?
Not yet

I’ve graduated in Communication /Publicity and I’ve done a Marketing Communication’s Masters so I’m pretty much a Marketing / Ad Sales professional

Do you work? Study?
I work at Viacom / MTV International

Do you do any extra activity (gym, yoga, crafts) ?
I run every week (3 times a week/ sometimes less, sometimes more) and I’m part of the NIKE Run group in Hoxton (every Tuesdays – night run)

Why have you moved away from Brazil?
I’ve always wanted to live abroad. Actually it was always my dream to live specifically in London.
I was also getting a bit tired of Brazil. One day I decided to apply for a scholarship over here to chase my dream. My final decision was basically made because I got the scholarship. I also have to say that I’m always seeking different experiences...so why not try a bit of everything? :)

Do you feel part of the local culture?
Sometimes yes. I usually go back home from work running with a small backpack! That’s so British!
I’m also going to pic-nics at parks, drinking white wine when it is summer (and also when it’s not!)

Have you ever wanted to go running back home? Why?
Oh yeah! Many different reasons but most of them is when I miss someone (s) over there.
And also when it is winter, dark and cold over here.

What does make you want to stay?
All good things that London can offer! :)
I really like living here, even if I know that I won’t be here forever. I already have a “established” life here at the moment and just can’t think about going back to Brazil right now.

If you could choose a favourite place in the city you're now, where should it be?
Angel, just by the canal - there is a specific one but I won’t tell anyone! ;P

Is your life abroad very different from what it was back in Brazil?
It is different but sometimes I just feel that is almost the same. Life here is a bit harder I would say. My social life is almost the same, lots of friends all the time, going out all the time...the gigs (that one is different as London has a way more gigs to offer!)
However in terms of responsibility, I have more things to worry about in London than I use to have when I was living in Brazil.

What would make you return home?
A very good life/ work opportunity, someone’s sickness (family), the feeling that I’m losing the most important things in life that are happening in Brazil.

Where do you feel more beautiful? In Brazil or abroad?
Not sure, but I think in Brazil it’s easier to be yourself so automatically you feel a bit better than when you’re here all alone, with no family or friends that know you better than anyone else.

Would you like to feature on Made By Who?
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